How do I build glean?

Note: Some pre-built executable versions of glean are available. Check the glean downloads page on SourceForge for files whose names contain the string exe. Be aware that the pre-built executables tend to lag the latest CVS source tree by many months, though.

glean is intended to run on a variety of operating systems. It has been tested on Linux-based GNU systems with the XFree86 X11 server, and on Microsoft Windows.

To help port glean to other systems, please see Where do we go from here?.

Other software you'll need before you can build glean

glean stores images in the TIFF format, because it's one of the few standard formats that's capable of handling images with 32-bit and floating-point color values. The best widely-available library for handling TIFF is Sam Leffler's libtiff. Your operating system may include this library already (most Linux distributions do); if not, you'll need to obtain a copy of the source and compile it according to the instructions contained therein. The pre-built executables for glean on Windows have been statically linked with libTIFF, so there's no need to provide it separately if you're using those executables.

Some of the tools in the glean suite (though not glean itself) use Mark Kilgard's GLUT library. Again, your OS (or your MESA distribution) may already include GLUT, but if not, you'll need to grab a copy and install it.

Once you've completed those tasks, choose one of the following: