What has changed recently?

Changes from Version 1.1 to Version 1.2

1.2 XXX Not yet released!!!

Added --overwrite command line option.

glean --listtests --verbose now lists all tests with their descriptions.

Added the following new tests:

Changes from Version 1.0 to Version 1.1

Updated documentation to reflect glean's new home page on SourceForge.

Adam Haberlach of Be added support for BeOS, as well as the "teapot" test.

Changes from Version 0.6 to Version 1.0

Added hints to set window position as well as size, so that users of window managers without automatic window placement don't have to click to create each test window.

Changes from Version 0.5 to Version 0.6

Replaced *.dsw and *.dsp files with nmake makefiles (named common.win and makefile.win) for building on Windows.

Added Johan Smet's documentation for building glean on Windows. This necessitated reworking the documentation structure somewhat.

Fixed a storage allocation bug in the Windows version of showvis.

Fixed a couple of problems in libs/dsurf/dsconfig.cpp related to the visual_rating extension that caused compilation errors on some systems. Thanks to Brian Paul for catching these.

Brian also reported some bizarre link errors. These occurred because there were multiple gl.h files installed on his system, and the makefiles searched different header file directories for different glean components. This has been worked around by changing common.mak and the individual makefiles to search for header files and libraries in the same order for all components. This is not a universal solution; if your system has a very unusual configuration of library or header directories, you may need to customize the makefiles.

Changes from Version 0.4 to Version 0.5

Incorporated the second set of Johan Smet's changes to port glean to Microsoft Windows.

Changes from Version 0.3 to Version 0.4

Added the ability to include or exclude specific tests from a run.

A recent change in the behavior of the C++ string getline() function in the GNU libraries caused glean's test comparison operation to appear to hang. The new behavior appears to be correct, but it was necessary to add a workaround to glean so that it would run properly on both old and new versions of the library.

Changes from Version 0.2 to Version 0.3

Incorporated the first set of Johan Smet's changes to port glean to Microsoft Windows. These included:

Changes from Version 0.1 to Version 0.2

In lib/dsurf, bit counts for green and blue channels were reversed. This caused incorrect drawing-surface configuration reports for normal color channels and accumulation buffer channels, and also confused code that determined errors in color values.

In lib/dsurf, the expression for computing bits-in-error was in error. :-)

Switched from egcs to g++ in common.mak.