What is glean?

glean is a suite of tools for evaluating the quality of an OpenGL implementation and diagnosing any problems that are discovered. glean also has the ability to compare two OpenGL implementations and highlight the differences between them.

Who should care about glean?

glean is provided under an "MIT/X11-style" copyright, which permits it and its derivatives to be used at no cost for both commercial and non-commercial projects.


Development of the glean framework and diagnosis tools is supported by VA Linux Systems.

Johan Smet took on the Herculean job of porting glean to Microsoft Windows. The importance of this work cannot be understated! In addition to making glean useful to a great many more people, it enlarges the pool of developers that can contribute to glean.

I'm also grateful to Brian Paul and VA Linux for providing glean's home on the Web.

Cass Everitt suggested several improvements in the ways glean uses C++.

Currently Allen Akin is coordinating enhancements to glean. Please address glean-related correspondence to akin@pobox.com.